There are two different areas for setting sales tax. The first you configure for shipping and the other is for pick-up locations.  Pick-up location is separate because there may be local taxes applicable to your area.  You'll also need to set the tax rate by product type.  Wine may be taxed differently than food or merchandise. 

NOTE: IF you are using ShipCompliant OR Ship Compliant Lite you can skip the Destination Tax set up section:

Destination Tax for Shipped Orders.

  1. Navigate to Ecommerce/Setting. 
  2. Select the Active States you'll be shipping to and click, Save.
  3. For each State you ship to, select it from the drop-down and enter the tax rate.
  4. For additional states, click add row and repeat these steps
  5. Be sure to click Save when you're finished.
  6. Configure taxes for each product type you offer.

Taxes for Pick up Orders

This section is for setting the tax for each pick-up location you have.

  1. Enter the Pick-up location name.
  2. Tax rate.
  3. Add rows as needed
  4. Be sure to click Save

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