Option 1: Send all data to Merchant Processor for import and tokenization

  1. To prepare your spreadsheet, use Google Sheets.  Do NOT use Microsoft Excel. (Read how it can change the last numbers to zero.)
  2. Download this sample file. You can also find this in your Dashboard when it's ready at  > Club > Members > Import   Choose Download sample.  Note: Your computer may download this file as MS Excel file, but when you launch Google Sheets and do a File->Open, and point to the downloaded file, it will be converted to a Google Spreadsheet.
  3. When you open the sample CSV file, make sure you see each cell separately. IF you see all the cells joined together in one cell with commas, let us know and we will help. This would mean you have a file format recognition issue.
  4. Enter all your member data, or copy and paste from another program, into the respective columns.  Do not change any COLUMN HEADING NAMES. 
  5. IF you have members in more than one club, ADD a new column with the heading 'club_id' for each club.  In other words, if the member belongs to three clubs, you would add two new columns, each with the header  'club_id' and put in the club ID for each club they belong to. 
  6. See section below if you are importing GIFT MEMBERSHIPS.
  7. Include yourself as a test member, with a real credit card, so it can be tested after imported. 
  8. When done check and double check the data for integrity. Garbage in = garbage out ;-) so please scroll through the spreadsheet and look for any irregularities.  
  9. Save the document as a .CSV file. 
  10. PLEASE... DO NOT EMAIL THIS DOCUMENT TO US. If you need us to review anything, schedule a screenshare call with us. 
  11. Note that credit cards will be updated directly to the Merchant Processor. Do not email us or anyone else this document, especially with credit cards. This would be a violation of our Terms of Agreement and is not PCI compliant and poses a security risk. 
  12. Update the "CLUB ID" in the Club section of Vines OS. Go to Wine club manager.
    Click on the name of each wine club to open up the details page. Enter the Club ID (the same that you use in the first column to represent the club name, e.g, "2 Bottle Club". This will be in the first column for every member of that club.
    Update this for each wine club and Save.
  13. Contact us to let us know the file is ready.
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