When you filter under Club - Members it will show 5 sets of numbers.
i.e: 16 Active member(s); 18 Membership(s)
      1 Inactive member(s); 16 Filtered; 13 Declined CC's

Here is an explanation of what each of those mean:

  16 Active member(s) - This is # of Active members in total in all clubs.

  18 Membership(s) - This is # of Club memberships, a higher total means that some members belong to more than one club.

  1 Inactive member(s) - This is # of cancelled or inactive members.

  16 Filtered - This is the total for what you have filtered set.

  13 Declined CC's - How many active members with declined cards.

Here is an explanation for each of the available filters:

Note  - Depending the configuration, your site may not have all of these filters.

-  The total of all active and inactive members.

  Active - The total of all active members.  This includes members on hold

  Inactive - The total of all inactive members.

  CC expired - The total of all members with a credit card that is expired or will expire in the next 2-months for the current date.

  CC invalid - The total of all active members with an invalid/declined credit card.

  No card on file - The total of all members with no credit card on file.

  Hold - The total of all active members currently on hold.

  Skip clubshipments - The total of all active members currently in a 'Skip club shipments' status.

  Gifted - The total of all gifted members, (active & inactive).

  Expired - The total of all expired gifted memberships.

Filter on member type

Member type is basically the name of the various clubs you have.  Filtering on member type will display the members for that club.  The number of members will be displayed in the member summary as "filtered".  You may have some clubs that are not open to the general public, such as owners clubs.  You can filter these out of the total member count by selecting "Only visible clubs" . This filter will only display the clubs that are visible on your site. 

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