NOTE: When you open a Vines OS order on the Revel iPad, the iPad becomes the "master" and we can no longer send any updates from Vines OS. Be careful not to open a declined order if you are planning to receive payment for it on Vines OS. If you do this, your accounting will be off, because revenue will have been received on Vines OS but it can not be updated to the iPad.

When a  customer comes in to pick up a club order, on Revel:

  1. Go to Customers. 
  2. Enter name. 
  3. Click Display History
  4. Display All Orders > OK
  5. Under the Dining Type Column, look for any orders that show "Hold for Pick up" 
  6. Open the order
  7. CRITICAL STEP: At the bottom of the ipad, click "Dining Option". You may need to scroll to the right to see the button. (Hint: ask Revel to remove any buttons you don't use). This is critical because if you don't do this, the order will not be marked on Vines OS or on Revel as picked up and the member can be given the order a second time. Change it to the Dining option that indicates it has been picked up. (This is custom, but is usually "Picked up" or "Received").
  8. If allowed,  learn the important process to swap out items on an order
  9. If permitted, you may add items to the order. The amount due will reflect the total for the items added, less the member discount. You will be prompted to charge for this additional amount. 
  10. Hit Pay
  11. Hit Done
  12. This syncs back to Vines OS  as status 'Picked up' immediately. (NOTE for legacy clients: Make sure you have 'webhooks' enabled for the transfer to be immediate. All new sites have webhooks by default. If you do not see the update immediately use the Chat window and ask us to enable webhooks for your Revel connection.)
  13. Also learn how to Void an order including a Refund to the card on file

IMPORTANT TIP: Learn how to swap out items on an order, if you need to can switch wine or products that were charged in the club run.

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