Different types of products have unique settings for tax, age requirement, compliance and discounts. You need to configure this for each type of product you sell, unless you are using ShipCompliant. 

Go to >> Ecommerce > Settings > and choose the product type, ie: Wine (or Beer, Spirits, Food, etc)

Active States - check the states you can ship to

State Tax - Set tax to be charged on orders going to each state.  Learn more

Age Requirement - Default is set to 21, update if needed

Member Quantity Discounts - set ecommerce discount tiers. This is not for club releases, but for when a member buys online. Click Add Row to keep adding additional tiers. (HINT: If you don't see your clubs in the drop down field under Type it's because your clubs have not been added yet. See: Setting up Clubs 

Non-Member Quantity Discounts - set volume / case discounts for non members. Click Add Row to keep adding additional tiers. 

Shipping: Use the table to enter the Weight, Width, Height, and Length for each shipper based on quantity of items in the order.  
Handling fee is optional, we encourage you to keep shipping costs low. (HINT: Shipping cost is the #1 reason for cart abandonment). Enter items up to the maximum you expect to receive in typical orders. If you enter up to 12 bottles, filling out the grid, then you can jump to 14, 16, 18, 24 for example. If there is an order for 15 bottles, the shipping will be based on the next tier up, in this case 16 bottles. If you enter up to 36 bottles, and you get an order for 37 bottles or more, the shipping will show as $0 and the order will include a message "Due to the size of the order, shipping will be calculated separately." You can adjust the shipping fee on the order, and the customer will be notified. 

 You can override this weight for an individual item on the product editor page, "Override shipping" and also offer to include shipping (if legal for your winery) on specific products only.

Ice packs and Cold service

Enter the amount to charge on orders to include Ice packs and or Cold service.

Learn more

Include shipping on orders over:  <set $ amount>  (HINT: Be sure to check this is legal for your winery)

Include shipping on # items on cart: <set # of items to qualify for 'shipping included' i.e., free shipping. (HINT: Be sure to check this is legal for your winery)

Use In/Out State Prices: set to No unless you use flat table rates for shipping. If you do use table rates,  set this to YES if you want only In/OUT of state pricing to apply instead of specific rates for every state. If you have this ON, and only set specific rates for some states, it will apply the out of state rate for any state without a set rate. 

Member shipping discounts Offer special shipping discounts to specific clubs  (check if you can legally offer this)

Pickup locations - Add if you offer more than one pickup location. Set the tax for each location. If using Revel, set the POS that this will report into for inventory and order reporting. Learn more.

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