There are two ways to modify a club order. You can do it before it has been created, or after.

Before the order has been processed, while you are creating the club release:

  1. While creating the club release: While you are creating the Club, add the products that will be in the club release. BEFORE creating the orders, Click the "Edit Members" button at the top.

    2. Click on the members email address to open the order modification page

    3. Modify from the list, what items that member would like.

    4. When done, click the button at top "Member List" to go back to the list of Members, and continue modifying any other member orders. The custom orders will display with a green icon under Special Order column. When you process, the members card will be charged the updated amount, and the additional items will be included on the order receipt or packing slip. 

2. After the order has been processed:

Go to the member order
If it is closed, hit the yellow "Reopen Order" button
Select the blue "Customize Order" button 

This will take you to the front end view of the order, which is the same thing the member would see if you allow Custom Club, and they can login to edit the order. Below the invoice items, choose the "Add more" drop down to add additional items, or reduce the quantity in the items already included, or use the X mark beside the name of the item already included to remove it. 

You can also change the order to Ship or Pickup.
Hit Done. 

Hit Surcharge now. This will charge the balance due on the order.

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