To add a snippet, go to
Web Site > Web pages > press New article at top. From dropdown that appears, choose "New snippet"
In the title field, enter the page title you were given by a team member.
Add the text you want to appear in the body area.
Check the page for the new content. 


1. Custom message at top of Checkout Page: You can add custom text to the top of the Orders page. When logged in, start the checkout process and on the cart page, at the top you will see an "edit" link. Click to add text to the top of the checkout page with custom messaging such as coupon offers, shipping delays, or minimum order requirements.

IF this does not exist on your installed template, just follow the directions above and add a new snippet called " __checkout_notice" like this:

Once you have created this, use the chat icon to ask us to install it on your checkout page. There is no charge for this, but some templates do not include it by default. 

2. Custom message at top of Shop Page:

Follow steps above to create a new snippet called  ‘__wineListTop’ and it will be displayed as a custom message on the top of your Shop page.

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