1. In Revel, create the item that is going to be attached to the points, such as "Bottle Refill" and include the points associated with it. For example, you might set 10 points as the value for a bottle refill. 
  2. When you run your club, you can assign the number of points to give to each member in the club that you are charging. So if it is $20 for a bottle refill, you would charge the club a $40 flat rate amount, and assign 20 Revel Rewards as points, which would entitle the member to two refills. You charge the cards for the flat rate amount that you want to charge for the membership. We set the number of reward points to assign to the member. So for example, if one refill equals 10 points, with this charge of $30 for two refills, for this club, the customer would get 20 points, giving them two free refills. When you ring them up for the refill charge on Revel, you'll see an option that the customer has rewards available, with the o boomption to redeem them.

When adding a customer to the order on checkout, you will see an alert that they have rewards which can be applied to the order. 

Click Redeem Rewards and it will show the points available and the option to apply the 10 points to the bottle refill.

Select it to Apply to the order. 

It applies it to the order and shows you the Item Reward Points balance

Simply hit Close and Done to complete the order, and no payment is due.  On the next purchase of that item by the customer, the remaining points can be used.

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