First, make sure you have set up to enable Customer choice clubs

You will be processing a club following these instructions. 

When you are ready to offer members to customize their club orders, and you have paused the club processing process:

  1. Send members an email letting them know what's in the club and give a deadline to customize the order.
  2. Members login and go to their Account page. At the bottom will be the upcoming shipment, listed as the name you set as the Club Release Name, with a Customize button. The member customized the order, adding or changing the order. If their choice is less than what is required, as set on the Club details page as minimum requirement, they will see an error message, indicating what is required. 
  3. When it's time to process, you go back to the club shipment that you created earlier, and any orders that have been customized will appear with an asterisk. 
  4. Click Process and all the cards will be charged, based on the customized order. 

Minimum Order amount for Customer Choice:

If you have a minimum dollar amount that must be spent for each custom order, you can set that during the club processing creation. When you create the club release, there is a field in the section "Club Requirements" where you can enter the minimum value of the custom order.  This value is before tax or shipping, but after the discount.  If a member attempts to modify an order, but the discounted total is less than the amount entered here, an alert will indicate the minimum amount of the order that is needed.
NOTE: This will override the minimum bottle requirement set on the club page. 

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