As with learning anything new, you may have questions as you are getting up to speed.  How efficiently your issue gets resolved, often depends on how accurately you describe the issue and how much information you provide.  This article will outline some of the key elements you should include when reporting an issue, as well as the preferred process to follow.

I have an issue, what do I do now?

- Try clearing your browser data.  Old browser data can cause multiple issue.  Please read more here.

- Log out & log back in.

- Self-help answers - Enter key words to "Find an answer quickly" on the chat window.   We have many articles here that may help you resolve you issue quickly.

None of this worked, I still need help

If you still need our assistance, click on the red button in the lower right to open the chat window.  You will notice two buttons, "New conversation" and "See previous" Please note: if you have multiple questions or issues, start a New conversation for each one.

New conversation - is used for new questions or issues.
See previous - is used to view and comment on existing conversations.

What to include in your request:

 - Describe the issue as clearly as you can.
 - What page were you on when you experienced the issue.
 - Copy the URL from the browser and paste it in the chat window.  Providing a URL to the page is critical.  We're going to ask for it if it's not included.
 - Include a screenshot of the issue if you can.
 - If the issue is with an Order, provide the URL/link to the order and the order number.
 - If the issue is with a specific member, provide the URL to the member or member ID.
 - Was there an error message? If so, please tell us what it was.
 - Help us understand how urgent this is so we can prioritize accordingly.

The more information you can provide, the more efficiently we'll be able to respond to your request.

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