If you have created a shipment and label, but need to cancel it:

Cancel shipping

  1. Navigate to the order you need to cancel shipment for.
  2. Click on the red "Cancel shipment" button in the center of the order page.
  3. This will send cancel(void) request to the shipment carrier, (FedEx, UPS, GSO) and the tracking code and label will be removed from the order.
  4. Now you can make the necessary changes to the shipping details and generate a new shipping label. See below

Update shipping address

Once the shipping has been canceled, you can now modify the order by using the 'Customize Order' button.

  1. Click 'Customize Order'
  2. Update shipping info or other order attributes like add wine.
  3. To regenerate a shipping label, click the green 'Ship' button upper right corner.

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