If you have a processed Vines OS order on Revel, and the customer would like a refund:

  1. Open order on the iPad. (Once order is opened on iPad you must not void on Vines OS, the ipad is now the master and the refund must be done on Revel). 
  2. Remove items from the order by tapping the three dots above the order list, to the right of the customer name, and choose "Return Item(s)" and Select All, or by tapping the item to remove one at a time. If you are swapping out items, do not REFUND, use the swap out method instead. 
  3. If you are retrieving inventory back, toggle the inventory button on the right to ON, which is usually default. IF inventory is not being retrieved, toggle it OFF. 
  4. Enter the reason for voiding.
  5. Hit OK
  6. Confirm popup: Hit Refund to confirm the amount to be refunded back to the card on file. 
  7. Amount refunded will appear in confirmation window. 
  8. Notify customer that it may take two days or more for the refund to appear on their statement. (The order refund is updated at end of day to Vines OS and then is updated in the end of day batch by the merchant processor at the end of the next day.)  

Once the order has been opened on the Revel iPad do not try to VOID it on Vines OS. Instead, only do one of these options, because once the order is opened on iPad we can't send the void through if you void on Vines OS. If you void and refund it on the ipad, it will sync back to Vines OS and settle the void to the card on file. See: 

Void or Refund on Revel
Partial void, item swap out on Revel 

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