When pasting text from any external source, please use the Paste from Word icon or Paste as plain text, in the toolbar.  To strip out the conflicting code from Word, or where you copied the text from, highlight the text and click "remove format" button. Now you can apply your own formatting using the Vines OS format toolbar.
If you're still having issues, try pasting your content to a text editor such as Notepad (PC) or TextEdit (Mac). Notepad/TextEdit are basic text editors that have no formatting options.  This will produce the cleanest content for pasting into Vines OS

When creating content on Vines OS, make sure the URL/alias is always unique never using the same URL/alias twice.  This will cause the content to be non-view able to your customers.

Adding images

Drag and drop the image to where you want it.
To improve the amount of white space around your image and between the text, right click and choose “Image properties”. Set HSpace and VSpace to 10 or a suitable amount of pixels.
Set alignment to Right or Left. Play with it until it looks good.

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