From time to time you may want to have a sale on specific products.  The following article will detail the steps, including case sales.

  1. From the Vines OS dashboard, navigate to Wine, click on the wine you wish to put on sale.
  2. Scroll down to the Cart Information/Price section.
  3. From this section you can set the sale price for Non-Members and Members.
  4. You can also require a case or minimum number of bottle purchase in order for the sale price to be applicable. See below:
    1. set the sale price.
    2. Set 'Sale Prices Require Case'
    3. Indicate # of bottles for it to qualify for the discount. For example, set 6, and only on puchase of 6 will the discount price apply.
    ALSO check the "Exclude from other discounts" if you want to make sure coupons do not apply on top of this discount.
    NOTE: Member discounts do not apply to these sale prices.

    Check your wine list and wine detail page and make sure it shows this on the wine, if it does not, we need to update your template, so put in a chat request. 

Always SAVE.

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