Did you receive the message or email that "You have reached maximum API calls to Revel. This will reset automatically reset tomorrow."?

Or do you have a bunch of club orders that did not sync through? 

If not all orders for customers are synchronizing over to Revel, it is most likely because you have run out of API calls on your Revel contract . With Revel Partner Connect for VinesOS you are limited to 2000 API calls a day, so if you run a large club batch , you may run out of API calls. 

Keep in mind, one member or order does not equal 1 API call. For example, an API call to Revel for an order will involve 3 calls: order history, order payment and order items. If you are consistently running out of API calls,  the solution is to contact Revel and ask their business development team to quote you on an increase in the number of API calls on your contract. 

The orders that did not make it through will sync at the next end of day sync cycle. 

Learn to force sync with Revel.

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