Go to Events > RSVPs

Filter by a single date, or for all Events in the current week or this month.

You can also filter just for Time, in the All day dropdown.

In the filtered results you will see:

  1. Buyer name
  2. Table/location reservation, if using
  3. Participant name, if using (this allows for individual check in without the buyer if the guests arrive separately)
  4. If a member, Club name
  5. # of guests in the reservation
  6. Total count for the event

Choose Export in the top right. Default includes more information than RSVP. RSVP is recommended to create your Will Call list, Default is generally used for marketing campaigns. If you want to include all names so people can check in individually, make sure "Participant Name" is selected on the Event creation page. This will require buyers to list the names of each person attending.

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