Failed credit cards: An automatic email will be sent to the member to let them know their card has been declined. When the member logs in and updates their card you will receive an email notification that tells you an update has been made.

If you have a failed order due to incorrect credit card details, you can either reprocess it using the same card or enter a new card. If you enter a new credit card for a declined club order, it will update the credit card information on the club member profile, so it will be stored there for future use.

  • In Ecommerce > Orders filter under Order status for Invalid orders. OR, if you have processed a club and members have been updating their credit cards and you want to bulk process all of those updated cards, filter for Updated Cards
  • To reprocess an individual order, click on the invoice number to get to the order details page.
  • Click Reprocess Order
  1. Process card on file: You may process the card on file, for example, if the invalid reason was that the card exceeded the limit, and the member told you that you can retry the card.
  2. Process order: If the member calls with new credit card information, pull up their failed order and enter the credentials and then choose process order. This will process the order and also write the information back to the member record so it will be good for your future club order processing. 
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