First, make sure we have installed "Bundled Products" in your Products section. If you don't see it, please request it to be turned on and set up. There is a one hour charge for configuration.

Go to Products > Bundles > Bundle Products
Click Add Bundle at top
Note there are 4 tabs at the top:
Content tab  - Enter Title
Teaser - this displays on the list view of your storefront, if we host it.
Note - this displays on the product page, if we host it.
Cart information:
Set number available.
Set any overrides for state tax to be charged on this product, set quantity limits, and enter shipping dimensions of shipper.
NOTE: The shipping cost will be unique for each bundle, which includes the series of items. Measure the shipper and enter those dimensions.
Upload images of products. 

Go to Products Tab

Add the items that are being included, by selecting the dropdown quantity, and add a price per item for members and non members. 


Be sure to do a test order and confirm shipping and tax is all set before publishing live.

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