The General Settings are one time initial set up configurations. Be sure to review each setting before going live.


If you are looking for a specific setting, use the Search box. 

1.  General settings

Company Name:  Enter the name of your company as you want it to appear on email notifications to your customers.  *This is a required field

Copyright text:  Enter the legal entity name of your business, which will be used in the copyright statement in the footer of all pages.  *This is a required field

Website URL:  This website will be listed on your email notifications. Use the full email address, including http://www 

Main contact email address:  General email address used for the Send From and Reply To email for notifications.  If Club email is set below, all club correspondence will be from that email.  *This is a required field

2.  Ecommerce

Ecommerce email notification: Single email address only, for all order notifications.  *This is a required field

All Order CC notification: Order notifications are copied here, this can be multiple email addresses, separated by commas.

Ecommerce only phone: This will be printed on customer order notifications.
*This is a required field


Hide "handling" from title: When this option is enabled on checkout row "Shipping and Handling" says just "Shipping".

Show handling separately on cart invoice: This will displays order handling on and order details on admin and checkout.

Show no refunds checkout disclaimer: If enabled on checkout it displays checkbox: "No refund" which is required to check.

3.  Events

Event only phone:   If there's a dedicated phone number for event orders, enter here.
*This is a required field.

Events only email: If there's a dedicated email contact for event orders, enter here.  This must be a single email address only.  *This is a required field.

4.  Club

Gift clubs: Offer gift club memberships.

Configure gift clubs: This is a link to the Ecommerce/Settings page for setting-up gift clubs. 

Offer custom club: Allow members to login and modify their club order. 

Disable billing notification on processing: Toggle on if you do NOT want to notify members when credit cards are processed for club releases.

Disable club order update customer alert: This disables member email notification when refund/surcharge is issued on club order.

Send new members last shipment?: If you select Yes, when a new member signs up for your club, you will have the OPTION to send the last club shipment. You will have the option to skip it if you do not want to send a new member the most recent club shipment, on a one-by-one basis.

Send club shipment request?: This allows the member to decide when they sign up if they want to get the shipment right away. It's a checkbox that they check if they want it now instead of waiting for your next release.

Required terms apply on signup: On club signup, member must check a box to agree to terms.

Anniversary discounts: This gives you the ability to offer additional, optional discounts on member anniversary.

Staff incentive:  On club signup form, include field for customer to enter staffs name.

Track cancellations: Track member reason for cancelling when they call to cancel. 

Cancellation reasons list:  List the reasons that your club manager will select when a member cancels. This is private. Example: Too many club memberships, Not getting what we want, Financial hardship, Other 

Member signup - how did you hear about us? - Toggle on to offer list on club signup page, and member can indicate where they heard about you. Examples:
Member referral
Online search
Staff referral

Disable Member Login:  If enabled, members can not log in.

Hide gift wine club on member signup: Leave off unless advised, this is used for some legacy gift wine club options.

Allow conversion of POS order to Club order: If using Revel POS, this will let you change a POS order into a club order. 

Club phone:  Phone number used on club email notifications. 

Club Phone:  If dedicated phone number for club manager, enter here.

5.  Address (shipping and tax)

Specify your 'ship-from address'. This is used for shipping fees and is also displayed on orders.
This address is also used to determine the local tax rate for pickup orders

*This is required and is used for State tax for orders held for pickup.

6. Shipping modes 

Set applicable shipping modes and default mode.  (The Main shipping set-up is on the Shipping API tab at the top of this General Settings page)

Allow curbside pickup: Learn more.

7.  Payment Gateway

Enable payments: When this is turned on, tokenized credit card details are sent to merchant gateway

Authorize only: Don't automatically process an order when it is placed.

Disable payment processed confirmation: When you Process orders, do not email the order notification receipt to customer.

Disable members CC access: Disable members CC details edit/update access.

Disable members registration CC: Disable members CC details on club signup.

Disable invalid CC member email alert: Blank

Payment Gateway:  OpenEdge, Payjunction

  Account token
  Allowed Credit Cards

  Pj QuickLink API Login
  Pj Store name
  Credit Cards

8.  Branding

Email logo
Show logo:  If path to image is specified, image will be shown; if left blank, 'Site name' from above will appear as text
Site Icon

Club order processed email subject: The subject line of the email that goes to the customer when a club order is processed.

Club pickup order processed email subject: Subject line for orders that are processed for pickup. If this field is empty, subject from previous field will be used.

Order notify subject: Online order email confirmation subject

9.  Google

Universal Analytics Account: This is for Google Analytics page tracking. Track website analytics.  Enter your Google analytics UA code, if using.  Learn more

Tag manager <head> code: Enter your Google tag manager head code.  This is for more advanced tracking using tags. Learn more

Tag manager <body> code Enter your Google tag manager body code. This is for more advanced tracking using tags. Learn more

10.  Constant Contact

Constant Contact Account: Enter your constant contact ID number if we are hosting your Constant Contact newsletter signup page.  Not required.

11.   ShipCompliant

Enable: If you use Ship Compliant to manage compliance, toggle on. NOTE: Do not complete the shipping or tax set up on the Ecommerce > Settings section IF you are using ShipCompliant. 

ShipCompliance username: If you are using Ship Compliant, enable and then enter your credentials. This will override ecommerce tax and shipping settings on VOS
See also how to set up products for Ship Compliant.

12. Social

Enter any of the links if we are connecting your accounts:
Facebook Pixel ID:


Enter your Account User Name if you are using for Social media. 

15.  Shipping Carrier API / Local Delivery

Select your carrier and enter the corresponding account information

For local delivery option toggle on, enter price, fee if any and any note you want to display.  Learn more here...

 16. Be sure to SAVE when done.

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