New Vines OS Training Guide

Vines OS Training Guide is now available. This is also posted directly in the Chat window from the Vines OS Dashboard.

Club Updates

  1. New gift club option includes number of gifted clubs to "gift" and it will charge the card as you go, rather than all up front.  You can set options for duration of gifted club. This is an option to replace the legacy set term PREPAID gift club. With this, the gift giver pays as you run the clubs, and the orders include shipping and tax, as applicable.  Learn more
  2. New Welcome email notification that can be modified for Free club signups.
  3. New editable Order notification top section of form, which is now unique for Club order processed (ship) vs Club pickup order processed. 

Cart / Reporting Updates

  1. On customize order  change from ship to pickup or vice versa, customer will now be notified of order change and surcharge or refund. 
  2. Real time tax calculations to the district (zipcode) level through ShipCompliant integration, as required by the new law (Assembly Bill No. 147) that came into effect this year. Updated for you monthly. There is $25 monthly ShipCompliant API fee, ask to have this enabled.  
  3. New report available for taxes collected. In orders, filter for what you want a report on, then in top right, choose EXPORT > State tax report. 
  4. Order ID has been added to order notification emails to prevent 'stacking' of notices in  mail. 
  5. New order status "Offline sale" is available under the Order Status menu. This can be used to set the status of a sale on Vines OS if an order was paid in cash or on a POS, and you need to set it as Paid/Processed in Vines OS so it doesn't show Active anymore. 
  6. New merchant account processing available with WorldPay for Vines OS. 

Event Updates

  1. Events on optional dates: Set events to repeat only on a few specific dates, such as for member pickup parties. Event displays for sale or RSVP only until the last day of the event. 
  2. Event subtypes - Use this when you are selling an event and want a sub ticket, for example "Wine tasting" is $30 and "Wine tasting with charcuterie board" is $45. One of each sale would reserve 2 seats to the same event. Learn more (See section on Subtypes).
  3. Event filters - In Orders, there is a new filter on Order Type to display all Orders with Event tickets. After you filter, go to Report (top right) and then you will see a list of sales for the period, by day below, and on the Inventory tab, a summary of all event tickets. 
  4. Sell or Reserve Tickets as Admin - reserve tickets and allow customer to pay on check-in or with their food bill. Go to the Events dashboard, and use the cart icon beside the event name. Enter the guest's email address, complete the form, and enter number of tickets. This will send the order confirmation to the guest, and they can pay at the event instead of online. Learn more (see Sell or Reserve Tickets as Admin)
  5. Override Max Seats Available - if you need to sell more tickets than what's available on your site. Learn more

Revel Updates

  1. Coupons on online orders now sync to Revel. Learn more
  2. Sync notification alerts - If an order does not go to Revel, the club manager will now receive an email notification warning, with a link to any orders that could not be pushed. This usually happens when a product doesn't exist on Revel or there's an API limit issue. An email will be sent when an order first fails. Learn more
  3. Resolved bug where an issue was caused by the "deleted_discounts" field being much too large for Revel to sync.
  4. Webhooks: If you are not yet using Webhooks for real time sync, ask us to have this enabled. 

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