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The login page can be found in the footer of your Vines OS hosted site. Your company admin for Vines OS will provide you with a login. 

Getting Help

Once you are logged in, you will see a small red chat icon at the bottom right of the screen. Use this to start a new conversation whenever you have a new question or need support. 

When you login, you will see the Orders page. First let’s review the Navigation. On the left sidebar you will see:

Settings: General settings for platform
Ecommerce:  Manage orders, set up specific e-commerce settings for different product types
CRM: Non-member customers are here, also loyalty reports
Web Updates:  If your site is hosted by VOS all your pages are here
Products: where your items for sale are managed
Clubs:  manage members, clubs and bulk processing
Events: Create events and manage RSVPs
Contacts: If we host your contact us page, manage inquiry types and inquiries here
Notifications/Terms: Customize default notifications for transactions. See email campaigns.
Revel POS:  Manage configuration for synchronization with Revel


Send out member notice to create password and login to Vines OS

Add a member

Review changes to memberships made from Revel

Send last club release to new member

Cancel membership on Vines OS

Cancel membership on  Revel POS

Create a one time member order for example, if member calls in an order by phone

Update a member credit card or Advise members to update their own card online

Send emails to members

Put member on hold

Signup member on site and give last shipment

Track member cancellation reasons

Understanding member summary numbers and statistics


"Member email is already being used"

Member is missing on Vines OS

Will member with no card on file receive declined order automatic email


Adding products and understanding product status display options,
such as setting member-only items

Bulk Processing Club Orders (issuing a club release/shipment).

Set flat rate shipping for club batches

Manage declined orders

Modify a members order, either before or after processing.

Create a one-time member order for example, if member calls in an order by phone.

Put member on hold

Manage club pickup orders using Vines OS

Change location of pickup of member order on Vines OS

Manage club pickup orders using Revel

Refund or Swap out and exchange items on a club order on Revel or add an item to the club order.

Void a club order on Revel POS

Send last club release to new member

Manage shipping orders

Change location of pickup of member order

Cancel a shipping label 


Add items for sale

Find order by name or credit card

Set up a coupon for item discount

Add products from Revel to Vines OS

Manage shipping orders

Manage pickup orders using Vines OS

Manage pickup orders on Revel


Add an event and set whether to include participant names for each RSVP

Set up Events for Revel integration

Set up a coupon for event discount

Free RSVP Events

Manage RSVPs

Refund and return seat inventory

Modify event order


Managing pickup of processed order

Managing declined order on Revel

Swap out products during pickup on Revel

Approve changes from Revel to members

Sync schedule: 

  1. Real time: For all new clients since April 2019, using 'webhooks' or
  2. API/Legacy: Legacy clients prior to April 2019 not yet updated using APIs (Ask us to upgrade you!)


Order is not on Revel or product didn't sync to Vines OS.

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