If the shipping set up is not configured for orders over a certain # of items in the cart on checkout, the API will not know what to charge for shipping. On checkout, it will show 0 in shipping, and your customer will get the message "Due to the size of your order, additional shipping rates will apply. We will contact you to advise you of the shipping rate."
For example, if you did not set up shipping dimensions for each type of product you have, ie, wine, spirits, beer, gifts, etc - your orders will show this message. Keep in mind, our default install includes sample dimensions for up to 12 bottles, so if you didn't' change it and add up to 3 cases, for example, anything over 12 wine items would generate this scenario. Or if you have more than one product type, such as gifts, and the customer adds one wine and one gift, it would also generate this error.

How to Solve

  1. Correct initial shipping configuration for each product type
  2. Customize the order to charge shipping.
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